This is the digital journal of artist Lincoln Schatz and features new projects, experiments in the studio, nature photos, lake photos from the Lake Series, generative video art, client proposals and studio announcements among other things. Here you will find photographs from various projects that include my time spent in the Redwood Forests of California and Oregon. The incredible forests and coastlines of the Lost Coast of Northern California. The architectural beauty of Zion National Park and the expansive deserts of the Southwest. Much of this began when I first started to photograph in the Rocky Mountains of Aspen, Colorado. Additionally, there are large scale Lake Michigan panoramas and other landscapes from newer series that are from across the United States.

beautiful clouds in a lake photo, purple, blue and pink sit heavily in the sky over a dark blue Lake Michigan
Fall Colors – Lake Series

Lake Photos and More

In the last several years my work has focused on nature photography that explores the varied landscapes of the United States. In particular the ways in which humans and nature exist together. How we impact and are impacted by the environments that surround us. From the collections studying the forests of the western United States to, The Shore, an ongoing body of work that explores the edges of Lake Michigan to better understand our relationship, both humans and city, to this body of water.


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a foggy Chicago skyline from early in the morning when a large storm is sitting overhead, a concrete wall and steps sit on the right side of this photo

November 25th, 2020
Foggy Chicago Skyline

A foggy Chicago skyline from a day where the storms would not cease. 

the sun rises out of frame and the sky is filled with a purple to orange ombre while the lake's waves move and blur in deep purples reflecting the sky

November 24th, 2020
Early Morning Sunrise on the Lake

Early morning sunrise on the lake and I’m greeted by this brilliant and beautiful palette of colors.

a stormy day on Lake Michigan where the clouds are breaking and forming in the sky while pouring rain out over the horizon, the lake a dark green blue and roiling below the sky

November 23rd, 2020
A Stormy Lake Michigan

A break in the storms on a late May day from 2019. Sunlight pushes through, illuminating and providing structure to the clouds.

willow trees stand in a heavy fog along the edge of Lake MIchigan, which is entirely obscured by the fog this morning

November 21st, 2020
Willow Trees in Fog, The Shore XIII

Willow trees droop in a heavy fog that entirely obscures the lake that should be in view, stretching out from the edge of the grass.

a beautiful lake morning, placid and blue morning on the lake, delicate and subtle tones in the sky above, warm tones on the horizon

November 20th, 2020
Beautiful Lake Morning

An incredibly blue and beautiful lake morning from the beginning of November 2016.

verdant and lush ferns grows deep in the Lost Coast forest, filling the entire frame with fern fronds

November 19th, 2020
Lost Coast Fern Wall

Incredibly lush and green fern walls from the Lost Coast of Northern California.

the sun sits just above the lake water, in a dramatic dark ombre sky of browns and blues and blacks, the sun is seen through a heavy fog it seems, with delicately lit water and waves beneath

November 18th, 2020
Sun Rising on the Lake

This morning the sun rose into a fog filled sky and created an incredibly delicate world.

A Caribbean beach at night with a dark black sky, stars sparking and waters that are blurred and semi-transparent

November 17th, 2020
Caribbean Beach at Night

A late night on a Jamaican beach, Caribbean Beach Night XXVI.

submerged breakwaters jut out into Lake Michigan, nearly obscured by the rich blue lake waters

November 16th, 2020
Submerged Breakwater Lake Michigan

I always look to this breakwater in Lake Michigan as one way to gauge how much the lake has risen or fallen.

a foggy lake picture with barely any of the lake visible, slightly rippling reveals the waters in this entirely blue and purple morning

November 15th, 2020
A Foggy Lake Picture

An early morning excursion to the lake and I found it completely draped in fog. Blues and purples shifting in and out as the fog began to burn away and the sun rose in the sky this late December day.

a very icy Lake Michigan detail of ice blocks frozen and refrozen, forming heavy textures in gray green ice

November 14th, 2020
Icy Lake Michigan

At some point in the next few months, there will be a morning where I head to the lake, with as many layers on as possible.

a detail from an an aerial photo from a drone taken of the Diversey Harbor boat docks at the end of season, 4 boat docks cut through the photo

November 13th, 2020
Diversey Harbor Boat Docks

The sun is rising on Lake Michigan just out of frame, but its brilliance is casting the sky along the horizon here in rich, bold, oranges and yellows.

November 12th, 2020
The Sun is Rising on Lake Michigan

The sun is rising on Lake Michigan just out of frame, but its brilliance is casting the sky along the horizon here in rich, bold, oranges and yellows.

a concrete wall cuts across the photo diagonally with a serrated edge and a yellow ladder emerging from blue lake waters

November 11th, 2020
End of Lake Season

The end of lake season for most people is approaching quickly.

the sun is rising out of frame and lighting a deep green lake michigan while gray clouds are lit with a warm light that turns to yellows at the horizon separating the lake from the sky

November 10th, 2020
Lake Morning on Lake Michigan

Daylight continued to break on this lake morning and the horizon began to come alive with detail.

a framed lake photo in a light maple wash frame

November 9th, 2020
Framed Lake Photo

This dramatic and stormy morning, September 30th, 2020, is from the Lake Series.

a light blue lake with puffy white clouds overhead in a perfect blue sky, the clouds are reflected in the rippling surface of Lake Michigan

November 8th, 2020
A Light Blue Lake Photo

A light blue lake photo from October 15th, 2020.

deep blue lake waters nearly fill the frame, with just a slight bit of light blue sky appearing on the horizon near the top, taken from the shore of Lake Michigan

November 7th, 2020
The Shore, Lake Waters

A slightly different view of the lake from earlier this fall.

the emerald green waters of lake michigan are pushed into peaks by wind while a blank gray sky looks overhead

November 6th, 2020
Emerald Green Waters on Lake Michigan

These days on the lake, with emerald green waters and a flat gray sky, are some of my favorites because of the contrast between the two.

an early morning on lake michigan with the sun barely rising out of frame, green placid lake waters with heavy cloud cover in blues and siennas

November 5th, 2020
Lake Sunrise, Early Morning

I got to the lake’s edge early on October 27th, 2020. The colors that day were filled with jewel tones.

November 3rd, 2020
A Serene Lake Picture

A serene morning lake picture from the Lake Series. August 28th, 2020 (1) has a very restrained color palette.

November 2nd, 2020
Green Lake Picture

The sun remains hidden early in the morning in this green lake picture from October 14th, 2020.

November 1st, 2020
Karen Mozer – Lake Panorama Photo Hung in Client Home

October 1st, 2020 provided an absurdly blue day featuring absolutely perfect clouds on Lake Michigan.

October 31st, 2020
Karen Mozer – Lake Panorama Photo Hung in Client Home

Thank you to Karen Mozer for this installation day photo from the Lake Series Panorama collection in a private client’s home.

October 30th, 2020
Fall Colors – Black Lake Water

Clouds started to form heavily in the skies over this black lake water from September 30th, 2020.

October 29th, 2020
Fall Colors – Lake Series – Beautiful Clouds on Lake Michigan

Beautiful clouds, almost dreamlike, on this day earlier in October. They have an almost cotton candy quality to them.

October 28th, 2020
Fall Colors – Lake Series – Orange Lake Sunrise

Fall colors aren’t restricted to trees. We’ve had an absolutely beautiful run of weather this fall before the cold hit full force this past week.

October 27th, 2020
Decatur Fall Forest Day

This Decatur fall forest photo is a glimpse into a new series of photographs that I will be starting to introduce over the next few months.

October 26th, 2020
Todd Schwebel Art Install

A big thank you to Todd Schwebel and The Schwebel Company for sending along this photo from this art install of my oilstick on canvas artwork entitled, Europa.

October 24th, 2020
Lake Water Moving Video

A video of lake water moving but where the camera is in motion for once. Spinning at the edge of the lake, trying to find a sense of balance.

October 23rd, 2020
Redwood Forests Photo, Fire Burn Scars – Burn II

A redwood forest photo where burns from a forest fire leave damage on the inside of this massive tree trunk.

October 22nd, 2020
Goop Chicago Art Photo Lake Michigan

A shot from earlier this year and the Goop Chicago pop-up shop on Oak Street.

October 21st, 2020
A Calm Lake Michigan

Morning comes on this calm Lake Michigan day, in this photo from the Lake Series.

October 20th, 2020
Printed Photo of Lake Michigan

A printed photo of Lake Michigan from the Lake Series getting ready to head to the framers before being installed in its new home.

October 19th, 2020
Redwood Forest Photo, Fall III

This photo, Redwood Forests Fall III, could perhaps be a perfect illustration for the phrase, “not being able to see the forest for the trees”.

October 18th, 2020
Peach Lake Light Early in the Morning

A peach lake, early in the morning, with the sun barely beginning to rise. The hazy atmosphere helped to create this diffuse and beautiful light.

October 17th, 2020
Undulating Lake Water Video

A morning on Lake Michigan just taking time to watch the lake water undulate slowly before me, each wave disappearing into the next slowly.

October 16th, 2020
Moss Draped on Trees in this Redwood Forest Photo

Heavy moss and lichen drape from every inch of their surface. The bark of the tree and its branches are entirely covered by plant life.

October 15th, 2020
Yellow Sunrise on the Lake

Early morning yellow sunrise on the lake explored a range of burnt and raw Sienna on August 31st, 2020.

October 14th, 2020
Lush Redwood Forests Photo

Protected by all of the overgrowth and trees that surrounded it, this lush forest photo makes it feel as if it would become a stage at any moment, it was so perfectly framed by these branches.

October 13th, 2020
LAMIN8 – New Photos being Printed

Exciting to see two new photos from the Lake Series printing for clients at Lamin8 & Seaberg Picture Framing here in Chicago.

October 12th, 2020
Snow on Lone Peak, Big Sky, Montana 1

Clouds hang thickly in the air over Lone Peak in Big Sky Montana.

October 11th, 2020
Blue Summer Lake Michigan

The beginning of September had a number of days with quintessentially beautiful late summer Chicago weather.

October 10th, 2020
Gunmetal Caribbean Ocean Photo

A gunmetal gray sky is reflected in the dark waters of the Caribbean Ocean.

October 9th, 2020
Patti Gilford Curated Lake Series Lobby

A big thank you to Patti Gilford Fine Arts for these installation shots of Lake Series photographs that they selected for an office lobby earlier this summer.

October 8th, 2020
A Purple and Copper Lake Sunrise

The deep waters of Lake Michigan rushes past my feet in this photograph, Lake Series, September 4th, 2020 (3).

October 7th, 2020
Faded Green, Lake Michigan

A faded green Lake Michigan on an overcast day that perfectly reflects the changes that come at the end of the season.

October 6th, 2020
Oil Stick Canvas, ikram Install

The final  oil stick on canvas work installed! This is Skinny Dip, hung at the wonderful ikram here in Chicago a few years ago.

October 5th, 2020
Photographing Lake Michigan

Every so often someone will send me a photo where I’m photographing Lake Michigan and I’ll be at the center of it, completely oblivious and unaware, my entire attention focused on photographing the lake for the Lake Series.

October 4th, 2020
Night on the Caribbean – Caribbean XXVIII

These mornings on the lake have that perfect diffuse lighting that enables really subtle photographs to emerge.

October 3rd, 2020
Graffiti on the Beach

Summer days may not last but there are still new photographs from The Shore series that feature the season at its best.

October 2nd, 2020
Lincoln Schatz, Lake Photo Grids

Over the years we have come to display the Lake Series project as a large open grid in studio. This allows us to scan the entire series in order to select work with clients.

October 1st, 2020
A Gauzy Green Morning on Lake Michigan

A gauzy green morning on Lake Michigan on August 28th, 2020 for the Lake Series.

September 30th, 2020
A Deep Purple Morning on the Lake

A deep purple morning on the lake from the beginning of September 2020.

September 29th, 2020
The Sky Shifts the Lake Color

The sun comes up over the water just out of frame in this photograph from the Lake Series, photographed on September 4th, 2020.

September 28th, 2020
Oilstick Drawing Delivery for Installation

Packed and ready to head out for installation. This is Skinny Dip, an oilstick on canvas work that spans 79” x 97”, which means having the right van for the install is essential.

September 27th, 2020
Caribbean Morning, Long Exposure

The edges blend together as a long shutter time was used to capture this sunrise over the Caribbean Sea.

September 26th, 2020
Dramatic Diagonal Sky

Big waves push and build near me while white caps begin appearing further out from shore.

September 25th, 2020
The Shore, New Photo Work

This is The Shore XII, a new photograph from The Shore series.

September 24th, 2020
Client Drawings

Some client drawings for projects by Lincoln Schatz Studio from the last few years.

September 22nd, 2020
Andrea Goldman Lake Series Installation

A really great shot from Andrea Goldman Design featuring a curated grid of Lake Series photographs from Lincoln Schatz Studio.

September 21st, 2020
Lake Panorama, Purple Smoke Diptych

Smoke appears at the center of the horizon on this day, May 16th, 2016, from the Lincoln Schatz Lake Series Panoramas series.

September 20th, 2020
Aspen Pass – River Mouth

Winter still lies heavily at the top of Aspen Pass where the mouth of this river begins in this photo taken by fine artist, Lincoln Schatz.

September 19th, 2020
The Shore

A new photograph from my ongoing, The Shore, series that studies the boundaries between land and water, man and nature.

September 18th, 2020
Lake Video

An Ode to Richard Serra on Lake Michigan, a video of waves crashing against the walls that keep Lake Michigan at bay. Or do they?

September 18th, 2020
Photographing Lake Michigan From a Drone

This drone photo was taken during a flight over Lake Michigan that included capturing photo and video footage from the drone.

September 17th, 2020
Lake Michigan, February 21st, 2017

The lake, in this Lake Michigan photo from February of 2017, is so wonderfully quiet, the cold winds of winter having calmed.

September 17th, 2020
Slow Motion Lake Waves Video

The continuum – wave after wave, all unique and interrelated. The sheer force of water, these lake waves pull and push, again and again.

September 16th, 2020
Oil Stick Drawings – Untitled 40

Oil Stick Drawing – Untitled 40, is one in a series of drawings and paintings that use seriality to explore abstraction.

September 15th, 2020
Nelson Collective, Lake Series

A beautifully designed interior by the Nelson Collective that features a photograph from the Lake Series by Lincoln Schatz.

September 14th, 2020
Blue Waters of Lake Michigan

A final August day from 2020 features again, the impossible blue waters of Lake Michigan in summertime.

September 13th, 2020
On Lake Michigan, Lake Series Panoramas

This day, August 5th, 2020 on Lake Michigan, has a lightness to it that almost feels as if the photograph could lift into the air.

September 12th, 2020
Lake Series, August 26th, 2020

A very early morning sunrise on the lake, from a recent Lake Series photograph, provided a soft and subdued pastel lake photograph.

September 11th, 2020
Lake Michigan, Lake Series, August 5th, 2020

The angle of the sun is starting to hit the lake’s blue water differently from earlier in the summer, reflecting off the lake’s surface.

September 10th, 2020
Lake Series, August 4th, 2020

Lake storms were dramatic last month with heavy cloud cover often appearing quickly over the lake like on this day, August 4th, 2020.

September 9th, 2020
Lake Series, August 13th, 2020

These types of days, numerous in the summer, have beautiful, almost Prussian blue waters in this photograh by Lincoln Schatz.

September 8th, 2020
Lake Series, August 3rd, 2020

For the next week I’ll be featuring photographs of Lake Michigan from the Lake Series, focusing on this past month.

September 7th, 2020
Nocturne 7

The Nocturne series is a limited edition set of photographs of the Chicago Parks taken in the last several years.

September 6th, 2020
Lone Peak – Big Sky

Snow covers the valleys in this photo of Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana.

September 4th, 2020
Blue Lake in Fog

February 25th, 2019 (2) from my Lake Series, is a photograph of the lake in fog and it’s subtlty of tone is mesmerizing.

September 3rd, 2020
Lake Panoramas, June 13th, 2017

These clouds on Lake Michigan appeared almost out of nowhere, emerging from the thin hazy sky and rapidly shifting form.

September 2nd, 2020
Aerial Photo of Lake Michigan

Jade green waters pour over the concrete walls in this aerial photo of Lake Michigan captured by artist Lincoln Schatz.

September 1st, 2020
Still Blue Morning on Lake Michigan

A still blue morning on the lake with barely any clouds in this photo from the Lake Series. Something to keep in mind as the days get colder again.

August 31st, 2020
Summer Lake Photo Pairing

A pair of summer lake photos that both explore similar qualities to both their sky and water on nearly windless days on the lakefront.

August 29th, 2020
Nocturne 3

Informed by the landscape that sits just beside the lake, featuring Chicago’s parks at night, that sit between Chicago and the water.

August 28th, 2020
Oil Stick Drawings, Vertical Diptych

A vertical diptych from 1995 featuring a different kind of landscape, this one created via a pair of oil stick drawings.

August 27th, 2020
The Sun Appears

It became turbulent & dark with a threatening air that left things feeling quite tense in the air as the sun appears on Lake Michigan.

August 26th, 2020
A Stormy Lake Diptych

This was a stormy lake day that had heavy cloud cover that kept shifting dramatically and seemed to indicate potential storms.

August 25th, 2020
Late July on Lake Michigan

This Lake Series photograph, from a late July on Lake Michigan, has that particular hazy summer quality to it.

August 24th, 2020
A Subdued Day on the Lake

Lake Series, Lake Michigan, August 1st, 2020. We began this month of lake photographs in a subdued manner from this day on the lake.

August 22nd, 2020
The Sun Breaks Through

The sun breaks through on Lake Michigan in a photo diptych features a break in the storms on this dramatically lit day.

August 21st, 2020
A Hazy Midsummer Day on Lake Michigan

Just a little under a month ago a hazy midsummer day on Lake Michigan greeted me on the shores of the lake.

August 20th, 2020
Submerged Barriers on the Lake

Submerged barriers on the lake this year, perhaps next year it will be fully exposed again. This photo was taken during the summer of 2020.

August 19th, 2020
Blue Lake Panorama

A blue lake panorama in two panels with clouds that radiate from the horizon like spokes on a bike wheel.

August 18th, 2020
Redwood Forest Photo, California (XVIII)

A lush carpet of plant life, rich with texture & color, create entire worlds to get lost in the details of the Redwood Forest floor.

August 17th, 2020
A Silver Gray Lake

A silver gray lake day, where the sky and water mirror each other, early in the morning in the middle of September.

August 16th, 2020
An Intense Sunrise Cracks the Clouds

Lake Series Panoramas, May 5th 2016, is a diptych photograph of Lake Michigan of an intense sunrise early in the morning.

August 14th, 2020
Light Blue Days on the Lake

Hazy and humid, the sky and water on this light blue day on the lake, almost become one with subtle shifting colors.

August 13th, 2020
Mendenhall and Herbert Glacier 5

Mountain face and icebergs meld and merge together, forming a topography that does not exist in reality in this glacier photo, Glacier V.

August 12th, 2020
The Shore VI

The relationship between the shore of Lake Michigan and the water changes depending on the proximity of the water to the city of Chicago.

August 11th, 2020
Dramatic Clouds on Lake Michigan

A triptych photograph of dramatic clouds on Lake Michigan, from September 6th, 2017.

August 10th, 2020
Summer Blues on Lake Michigan

Two mid-morning days that exemplify the summer blues that become predominant as the summer continues to progress.

August 8th, 2020
The Shore XI

A lighthouse on Lake Michigan appears at the end of the scorpion tail, to indicate at night the shoreline.

August 7th, 2020
Aspen 5

This is, Portrait of a Walk, Aspen 5, a generative photo of the Aspen Mountains.

August 6th, 2020
Lake Michigan, May 26th, 2020

Clouds form layering pastels and blue skies over Lake Michigan on May 26th, 2020 from the Lake Series by Lincoln Schatz.

August 5th, 2020
Redwood Forest Photo, California (V)

A miniature landscape appears on the forest floor in Redwood Forest, California (V).

August 4th, 2020
Serene Orange and Blue Sunrise Triptych

This sunrise triptych is part of my new Lake Series Panoramas, a collection of limited edition photographs.

August 3rd, 2020
Clouds Build in the Sky Diptych

A storm-filled sky diptych photograph of Lake Michigan from the new Lake Panoramas series.

August 2nd, 2020
Orange Sunrise Lake Triptych

This orange lake sunrise triptych is a new, three panel panoramic photograph and is a part of my Lake Series Panoramas collection.

August 1st, 2020
Dark Days on the Lake

Dark and dramatic clouds on the first day of February 2017.

July 31st, 2020
Emerald Green Waters on Lake Michigan

This type of morning on the lake, with emerald green waters and heavy cloud cover, appear with greater frequency around March.

July 30th, 2020
Still Blue Lake Diptych

A startling blue lake diptych spring day with barely any clouds or wind, which allows the lake to become a mirror.

July 29th, 2020
Transience Book Cover Triptych

An ethereal morning on Lake Michigan as clouds, water and light all meld into one another in this Transience book cover, lake triptych.

July 27th, 2020
Lake Michigan Diptych, May 9th, 2016

In February of this year, I began to work on this series of new panorama photos, this is Lake Series Panorama, May 9th, 2016.

July 26th, 2020
Client Drawing, Artwork for Interior Designer

I love the challenge that comes with each project, working with clients to find solutions for providing artwork for interior designers.

July 25th, 2020
Sunrise on the Lake, Diptych

Each panoramic photograph is a composite of multiple individual photographs, this time a beautiful sunrise on the lake.

July 24th, 2020
Client Presentation Drawings and Large Photos of Lake Michigan

Early one May morning in the spring of 2016, I took a pair of images that would create the first of these large photos of Lake Michigan.

July 23rd, 2020
Lake Diptych, Green Ice

This green ice lake photograph is a part of a new Lake Series Panoramas project that explores the expansive horizons of Lake Michigan in large scale photos of the lake.

July 22nd, 2020
Lake Triptych Mockup Step 1

Large scale panoramic photos of Lake Michigan, this is a triptych photo mockup from the production stages of the project.

July 20th, 2020
Gray Skies and Ice on Lake Michigan

It’s hard to imagine now after weeks of high summer temperatures that the lake will ever return to gray skies and ice on Lake Michigan.

July 19th, 2020
Snow Covers the Beach on Lake Michigan

Snow covers the beach that leads to the edge of Lake Michigan in this photograph from The Shore, a series of limited edition photographs by Lincoln Schatz.

July 18th, 2020
An Improbably Purple Day on Lake Michigan

This is the first day of the Lake Series photo project, September 8th, 2015, an improbably purple day on the lake & a striking way to begin.

July 17th, 2020
Waves Pour In Along the Lost Coast

This particular photograph of waves on the Lost Coast, is Lost Coast VIII, part of my Lost Coast series.

July 15th, 2020
Forest Photo, Lichen Draping From a Branch

Lichen draping from a branch in the undergrowth of the Redwood forests in California taken by photographer Lincoln Schatz.

July 14th, 2020
Lost Coast Framed, Fern Wall

Loved getting to see this fern wall installed alongside Aspen, Redwood Forests and other Lost Coast photos for a client here in Chicago.

July 13th, 2020
Lake Triptych, May 16th, 2017

This is a Lake Michigan panorama captured early in the morning on May 16th, 2017.

July 11th, 2020
Lush Leaves in Gearhart, Oregon

Lush and large green leaves line the forest floors in Gearhart, Oregon Forest (2) from the Lost Coast series.

July 10th, 2020
Lost Coast Black Sand Beaches

Lace like foam spreads itself across ocean water on the black sand beaches of the Lost Coast in California.

July 9th, 2020
Submerged Rocks in Lake Michigan

Water slides across submerged rocks in Lake Michigan placed to protect Chicago from unruly weather along the edges of the lake.

July 8th, 2020
A Stump is Reborn

Overgrown and returning to the earth, this redwood stump sits on the edge of a glade in the Redwood forests of California.

July 7th, 2020
Complementary Lake Pairing

Separated by a day and taken earlier this spring on March 24th and 25th for the Lake Series, a pair of red and green lake photos.

July 6th, 2020
Sand and Fog on Lake Michigan, The Shore VIII

Sand and fog on Lake Michigan early in the season before most people would dare to go in the water. 

July 5th, 2020
Waters Recede on the Lost Coast

Early in the morning, having gotten up early and into the forest before the sun rose, allowed for me to have the time to reach the beach on the Lost Coast of California.

July 3rd, 2020
Lake Michigan Heavily Frozen Over

Lake Michigan frozen over in the middle of February shows how, when the ice freezes and thaws, along the edges.

July 2nd, 2020
Fern Wall in the Redwood Forests

These fern walls have so many details to get lost in, the way the fern’s fronds are shaped, layered and hang in the air.

July 1st, 2020
Clouds Fill the Skies over Lake Michigan

A diptych from a morning in November of 2016 featuring blues, greens, purples and pastels as clouds fill the skies over Lake Michigan.

June 30, 2020
Lake Michigan Photo for Suzanne Lovell Inc.

A wonderful shot of my photograph from May 10th, 2017, this Lake Michigan photo for Suzanne Lovell Inc.‘s beautiful seating area.

June 29th, 2020
Clouds on Lake Michigan

A day on the lake that had incredible Turner-like clouds on Lake Michigan above the water. This photo is part of the Lake Series.

June 28th, 2020
Submerged Lake Rocks

The ways in which water, lake rocks & light interact to create a fascinating study in opacity & layering in this photo from the Transformations by Lincoln Schatz.

June 27th, 2020
Lichen on a Rock

Details from a photograph taken in Utah of a rock in Zion Canyon that studies the incredible polyphony of life covering the surface.

June 26th, 2020
Four Summer Lakes

Here are four summer lake days from the Lake Series that really emphasize how wildly different a “blue day on the lake” can look.

June 25th, 2020
Redwood Forest Photo, A Stump’s New Growth

My most recent visit to the Redwoods included an evening spent focused on these Redwood Forest stumps with new growth flourishing.

June 24th, 2020
Storms Loom on the Lake

Lake Michigan, July 7th, 2017 a panoramic photo of the lake in mid-summer as rain falls from clouds that grow dark with storms on the lake.

June 23rd, 2020
Lichen on a Tree Branch, Wyoming

Lichen. Snake River Range, Wyoming (2) from the Transformations series. It’s always fascinating to see the conditions lichen can grow in.

June 22nd, 2020
A Ladder On the Lake

A series of photographs that study the relationship and boundary between land and water, like in this photo of a ladder on the lake.

June 21st, 2020
A Pair of Light Blue Lakes

A pair of photographs from Lake Series, separated by a month, taken in Spring of 2020 with both featuring a jewel-like light blue lake.

June 20th, 2020
April 2020 Lake

A hazy morning on the lake seen here in, Lake Michigan, April 2020. April was a mix of dramatic mornings and beautiful clear blue days.

June 19th, 2020
Foggy Lake Michigan Photo, The Shore

The Shore IX, is a foggy lake photo, that is from a group of photographs that I’ve been working on alongside the Lake Series collection.

June 18th, 2020
Rocks on Lake Michigan Shore

Submerged Rocks on Lake Michigan (4) from the Transformations series, features water pouring over a large boulder in Lake Michigan.

June 17th, 2020
Gray and Stormy Day on the Lake

May 17th, 2016 is a two panel diptych featuring a dark and roiling, gray and stormy Lake Michigan from the Lake Series

June 16th, 2020
A Green Lake

A jade green lake sits beneath a cloud filled sky at the end of this past April 2020, there was a quality of suspense that filled the air.

June 15th, 2020
Barnacles and Seaweed, Ocean’s Edge, Lost Coast

Barnacles, crustaceans, seaweed; anything that can possibly cling to the these rocks on the ocean’s edge is doing it’s best to do so.

June 14th, 2020
Lake Michigan Photo Trio

A trio of Lake Michigan photos taken on March 7th, 2017 for the Lake Series by Chicago based photographer, Lincoln Schatz.

June 13th, 2020
600 Fairbanks, Chicago, IL – Generative Photo Prints

600 Fairbanks Chicago was a longer term project that was a video installation, video works and limited edition prints in six sets.

June 12th, 2020
A Dark Morning Sky

Early morning sky on the lake, on a late September day, I came to the lake and took this photograph for the Lake Series.

June 11th, 2020
Birds Feed in the Ocean, Lost Coast, California

Lost Coast XIII, birds in the ocean where river mouth meets ocean and the salmon begin to work their way upriver to spawn.

May 31st, 2020
Walking in the Mountains of Aspen Colorado

Portrait of a Walk, Aspen 1, features the mountains of Aspen Colorado turned into a layered photograph made using generative software tools.

May 30th, 2020
Curated Photographs of Lake Michigan

An array of curated photographs by artist Lincoln Schatz, from the Lake Series installed together in a private home.

May 29th, 2020
Redwood Trees Fallen in the Lost Coast Forest Photo

Redwood Trees fallen and split in two lay on the floor of a Redwood forest in the Lost Coast area of Northern California.

May 28th, 2020
A Silver Lake

This photo is called Silver Lake for pretty obvious reasons. It’s printed large in studio to display the full subtlety of color.

May 27th, 2020
Rocks Submerged in the Lake

Submerged in the Lake, Submerged rocks, Lake Michigan (1) is a small set of photographs that are part of the Transformations series.

May 26th, 2020
Lichen Growing on a Tree in Big Sky

Lichen Tree in Big Sky, Montana, is a photograph that studies the curve of a tree trunk in the Big Sky region of Montana.

May 25th, 2020
Green Lake Photo Pairing

A pair of green lake photos that are separated by two days in the Lake Series and together are a study in restraint.

May 24th, 2020
Birch Trees in Aspen Colorado River Water

This photo of birch trees in Aspen, Colorado is one of six in a series of photographs that combine multiple photos to create a final image.

May 23rd, 2020
Storms on the Water

One of the most striking mornings of fall in 2018 was this early August 8th day with storms on the water of Lake Michigan.

May 22nd, 2020
Lichen Growing on a Rock

This photograph is Lichen. Teton Range, Wyoming (2), from my ongoing Transformations series.

May 21st, 2020
Morning on Lake Michigan, Triptych Photograph

A dramatic morning on Lake Michigan shown here in three panels from the Lake Series Panoramas.

May 20th, 2020
Sasha Adler Blueschist Photo Installed

This is, Blueschist, from the Lost Coast series installed in Sasha Adler Design’s beautiful office space here in Chicago.

May 19th, 2020
A Pair of Oil Stick Drawings

These two smaller works are oil stick drawings on paper and are also from 1995 and are part of a larger body of abstracted drawings.

May 18th, 2020
Oil Stick Paintings on Canvas, Installed

Exploring form, abstraction & scale, you can see the gestural marks left by building up layers on these oil stick paintings on canvas.

May 17th, 2020
Nocturne 2, Chicago at Night

Biking in Chicago at night gives you access to places that you might not use when moving through the city at certain times of day.

May 16th, 2020
Generative Photograph of Mendenhall and Herbert Glacier

Portrait of a Glacier III uses multiple photos to create a new landscape in an individual collaged photo of Mendenhall and Herbert Glacier.

May 15th, 2020
Oilstick Paintings Installed at Suzanne Lovell

Here are two large oil stick paintings, installed in the design studios of Suzanne Lovell Inc. here in Chicago.

May 14th, 2020
Foggy Morning in the Redwood Forest Photo

Redwood Forests, Fall I, is a Redwood Forest photo taken in Northern California, by Chicago based artist Lincoln Schatz.

May 13th, 2020
Two Lake Michigan Photos

Separated by nearly a year, these two Lake Michigan photos, on August 24th, 2018 and then on the right on August 16th, 2017.

May 12th, 2020
Lake Michigan Summer Video

Cadence, is a Lake Michigan summer video that contemplates three months of last year, from May to July of 2019.

May 11th, 2020
Waves on Lake Michigan Diptych Photograph

A stormy day with remarkably shaped waves on Lake Michigan and a dark heavy sky made for a dramatic scene.

May 10th, 2020
Ferns and Moss Hang in the Yachats, Oregon Forest Photo

Peering into this forest photo reveals a dense and lush world from the Yachats, Oregon forest.

May 9th, 2020
Aspen Colorado Forest Photo, A Generative Photo

Forest Walk II is a composite created from Aspen Colorado forest photos & through generative software techniques, creates a single image.

May 8th, 2020
Ice Blue Lake, Lake Series, February 2018

The range of qualties Lake Michigan can have is astonishing like on this ice blue lake day, February 15th, 2018.

May 7th, 2020
Lights on the Beach, North Avenue Chicago

A photograph from the Nocturne series, Nocturne 1 sets a stage just out of sight, on North Avenue Beach in Chicago.

May 6th, 2020
A Green and Peach Lake Michigan

There is something so impossible about this green and peach Lake Michigan photo from March 5th, 2018 by Chicago-based artist Lincoln Schatz.

May 5th, 2020
Net Fishing on the Lost Coast of California

These salmon fisherman are working through cold weather and heavy fogs while net fishing on the Lost Coast of California.

May 4th, 2020
Two Lakes

When seen together, these two lakes are balancing against one another and creating a tension that I’ve always enjoyed.

May 3rd, 2020
Diffuse Light on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan, May 10th, 2017, A morning in May with diffuse light on Lake Michigan that really highlights the subtlety the lake can provide.

May 2nd, 2020
Jaunary 7th, 2020 on Lake Michigan

January 7th, 2020 on Lake Michigan. A morning at the beginning of this year, crystalline and clear air over the lake.

May 1st, 2020
A Colorful Sunrise on Lake Michigan

From the Lake Series, April 1st, 2017, a colorful sunrise on Lake Michigan that felt like standing inside of a bejeweled box.

April 30th, 2020
Before the Sun Rises in Winter on the Lake

A favorite day from 2019 was a cold February morning, before the sun rises, in winter on the lake of impossible purples and blues.

April 29th, 2020
Ice Boulders Pile up on the edge of the Lake

The absolute scale of the ice blocks, thrown effortlessly onto the shore by the lake; covered heavily in ice on the edge of the lake.

April 28th, 2020
Redwood Forest Floor Flora Photo

The detail and complexity of life that can be found in the Redwood Forest floor is astonishing and features all types of plant life.

April 27th, 2020
A Generative Mendenhall and Herbert Glacier Photo

A limited edition series of generative photographs taken of the Mendenhall and Herbert Glaciers in Juneau, Alaska by artist Lincoln Schatz.

April 26th, 2020
Two Storms on Lake Michigan

These processes of joining create conversations between different storms on Lake Michigan, showing us new ways of seeing the world.

April 25th, 2020
Art Expo Chicago, Lost Coast Blueschist Boulder

Lost Coast, Blueschist photograph by Lincoln Schatz featuring an installation photo from the Expo Chicago booth.

April 24th, 2020
Lake Ice, Lincoln Schatz Video Art

Lake Ice, a Lincoln Schatz video short where we are able to turn our understanding of what a lake is on it’s head with drone video footage.

April 23rd, 2020
Lake Ice – Stills – Lincoln Schatz Video Art

Over the course of winter of 2018, on some of the most unforgiving days that year, I deployed a drone to film for this lake ice video.

April 22nd, 2020
The Sun Rises on Lake Michigan

Three separate photographs, brought together to create one large scale panorama as the sun rises on Lake Michigan.

April 21st, 2020
Moss and Ferns in the Redwood Forest

This photo featuring moss and ferns from the forest floor and is from the Redwood Forest series by photographer Lincoln Schatz.

April 15th, 2020
A Short Film of Lake Michigan, April 15th, 2020

A short film of Lake Michigan, April 15th, 2020 captured while photographing the lake early one hazy morning.

Domestic Scenes, Shelter in Place

An ongoing series of photographs exploring life for a family of five as they shelter in place.

March 27th, 2020
An Early Foggy Morning on the Lake

A video of an early foggy morning on Lake Michigan from March 27th, 2020 taken while I was there to photograph the lake’s edge.

Marking Time

How can we imagine marking time has changed, with technology, with social, technological and cultural changes to our lives.

March 26th, 2020
Lake Michigan Video

A Lake Michigan video taken on an intensely colored morning, March 26th, 2020 while I was there to take photos of the lake as the sun rose in the sky.

March 25th, 2020
Sunrise on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan on March 25th, 2020, ten minute sunrise on Lake Michigan video from artist Lincoln Schatz.

March 24th, 2020
Calm Morning on the Lake Video

The wind has finally broken on the lake and birds have returned overhead, urging me on as I filmed this calm morning on the lake.

March 23rd, 2020
Heavy Clouds over Lake Michigan Video

Heavy clouds over Lake Michigan video by artist Lincoln Schatz captured on Lake Michigan on March 23rd, 2020.

March 22nd, 2020
Green Waters of Lake Michigan Video

The green waters of Lake Michigan greeted me on this overcast and early morning from March 22nd, 2020.

March 20th, 2020
Early Morning on the Lake

Early morning on the lake video and Lake Michigan’s waters undulate against the shore’s edge.

March 19th, 2020
Dense Fog on Lake Michigan

Five minutes from my visit to Lake Michigan this morning. A heavy fog, a shifting blue lake, birds flocking overhead.

March 15th, 2020
Standing Along the Shores of Lake Michigan

Watching and photographing the sunrise on Lake Michigan while standing along the shores of Lake Michigan this morning-pure life force!

March 5th, 2020
A Summer Day on the Lake

A summer day on the lake photo from the Lake Series, an ongoing limited edition series of photographs that explore Lake Michigan over the course of 5 years. 

March 4th, 2020
Rains Fall Diagonally in a Sunny Sky

Rains fall diagonally in a sunny sky over Lake Michigan on this day from the Lake Series.

March 3rd, 2020
Lake Michigan Pastels

When the separation from the water and the sky, between water and air, becomes hard to discern, a range of Lake Michigan pastels result.

Four and a Half Years Photographing Lake Michigan for the Lake Series

In September 2015 I began to photographing Lake Michigan for my Lake Series. Four and a half years later my ritual continues, it anchors me to the moment and the grandeur of being alive!

Trees & Tracks of the El Train in Chicago

Trees are pruned heavily along the El train in Chicago. These heavily shadowed forms have been of great interest lately.

Photos of a Flight From Aspen to Chicago

Photos of a flight from Aspen to Chicago, evenly spaced throughout the duration of the flight.

Mary Ruefle, On Imagination

From fellow Bennington alum Mary Ruefle. This book reconnected me to myself in a way that I found to be really exciting.

Sun Comes From Behind Dark and Storming Clouds

An early and dramatic morning captured by photographer Lincoln Schatz of Lake Michigan with looming dark and storming clouds.

A Short Lake Michigan Video, February 27th, 2020

Waters pushing over the lake edge along the eastern edge of Streeterville in a short Lake Michigan video.

February 17th, 2020 Lake Series – Lake Michigan

Ice has broken & refrozen repeatedly before this photograph was taken on, February 17th, 2020 from the Lake Series – Lake Michigan.

Ice Shards, Lake Michigan

These particular ice shards are so delicate, quickly melting away as they touch human skin while I collect them along the lake edge.

Transience, a book by Lincoln Schatz

Transience, is a new book featuring photographs from several of my limited edition series that exploring the natural landscapes of the United States.

Earth Day Photo Walk, Lincoln Schatz at the Apple Store

Lincoln Schatz will be conducting an Earth Day photo walk as part of todayatapple at the Michigan Avenue store in Chicago.

2019 Science-Policy Confluence Conference: Understanding and Addressing Climate Change Impacts on the Great Lakes

Lincoln Schatz spoke at 2019 Science-Policy Confluence Conference: Understanding and Addressing Climate Change Impacts on the Great Lakes.

Lake Michigan Drone Video, Ice Lake

A drone video ice lake flyover on a deeply cold morning here in Chicago taken during the first trials for a new project I am working on.

Foggy Lake Video, Early Morning on Lake Michigan

A new foggy lake video, when fog lays heavily early in the morning on Lake Michigan while taking photos of a surprisingly beautiful sunrise.

Fog Blowing Across Lake Michigan

The fog blowing across Lake Michigan early in the morning. These mornings are so special and almost surreal in quality.

Lincoln Schatz at the Peninsula Hotel, The Impossibility of Place

“The Peninsula Chicago is honored to feature this exclusive exhibit by photographer, Lincoln Schatz, through 2018 in our 5th floor lobby.”

EXPO CHICAGO featuring Lincoln Schatz Lake Series Photograph

EXPO CHICAGO featuring Lincoln Schatz Lake Series Photograph!

ELPC Presents: Lincoln Schatz, Lake Michigan Photography Exhibit

Howard Learner, Executive Director, Environmental Law & Policy Center during the opening of Lincoln Schatz, Lake Michigan Photo Exhibit.

Lake Flight February 28th, 2018

Sun pushing through clouds over Lake Michigan during a lake flight today I took with the drone filming the lake surface.

I have taken to the air! Drove Flights Over Lake Michigan

I have taken to the air! Drone flights over Lake Michigan as I start to test out this new drone that I’m using for filming.

Foggy Day on Lake Michigan Drone Test Video

Dark pastels and still water on Lake Michigan on a cold day captured during a drone test video to check cold weather flight.

Lichen, New Photography by Lincoln Schatz at the Arts Club Chicago

New photography by Lincoln Schatz, Lichen is included in the 88th Artist Member Exhibition at The Arts Club of Chicago.

Winter Photos of Lake Michigan Shore

A series of ongoing winter photos of Lake Michigan, focusing on the shore where land and water meet.

Lake Series at ikram

Installing a large six panel photograph at ikram, in Chicago with the help of an install crew I’ve come to rely on for all my large photos.

EXPO Chicago features Lake Series

EXPO Chicago’s EXPO PROJECTS presents Lake Series, Every Lake Series photograph from September 2015 – July 2017.

Lake Diptychs & Triptychs

Diptych & triptych photographs from Lincoln Schatz as part of the ongoing, Lake Series testing the possibilities for panorama lake photos.

Lake Series Production at Lamin8

The first of six, large scale panels, for a new panoramic photograph being printed by Lamin8 before installation in a client home.

Ice Floe Video

Ice Floe Video, is a short video captured by the Chicago based artist Lincoln Schatz that watches ice move and shift in the lake.