Lincoln Schatz

Joshua Tree (1)
Heat of Its Being and Its Will to Be (2)
Vermont (15)
The Great Plains (4)
The Shore, The Shore XI
Vermont (1)
Lake Michigan, January 4, 2017 (2)
Lake Michigan Paonorama, September 8, 2020
Lake Michigan, January 6, 2021
Heat of Its Being and Its Will to Be (1) – Arts Club Chicago, 2022
The Great Plains (20)
The Shore XI, The Shore Series, Lake Michigan
In Abeyance, Winter Trees 15 & 16
Joshua Tree (10)
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Lincoln Schatz has a lifelong relationship with the sea. But as a native Chicagoan, the artist’s concept of a vast body of water is of the inland variety, one of a series of great wells carved by glaciers, filled in with icy fresh-water melt. Defining the city’s Eastern border, Lake Michigan’s lengthy reflection can cast a winter twilight in a glow of cerulean blue, extending over the urban skyline of glass and steel towers and to the Midwestern landscape beyond. Even urbanites ensconced in a frenzied, 21st-century pace, often blithely content to acknowledge the shore as a mere recreational asset or property enhancement, are soothed by the lake’s steadiness, unable to escape its magnetic pull. “Look east and you see the lake, only the lake,” says Schatz. “Turn around and you see Chicago.”

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