a barren tree stands in a field of dried grasses with a soft pastel sky above
The Shore VII
a scorpion tail of concrete curves to the left into Lake Michigan with a muted sky
The Shore III
submerged pier sits just underneath the waters surface of Lake Michigan
The Shore V
seed pods in shadow hang from a tree with no background discernable
The Shore V
a sliver of ice forms along the edge of the wet concrete that sits at waters edge
The Shore X
a small diagonal of concrete at waters edge, a water that is deep green
The Shore II
a heavy foggy day on Lake Michigan with wet concrete breaking up
The Shore IX
concrete steps go down to the lakes edge, blue-green water that is crystal clear
The Shore IV
a foggy day with wet sands on Lake Michigan, with tracks of various machines and people
The Shore VIII
a diagonal of concrete and pilings travel diagonally with blue waters on the right side
The Shore VI
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