slice video artwork installation, two screens, Lincoln Schatz

Slice, 2005

Slice, a generative video artwork installed at Art Basel Miami Slice, a generative video artwork installed at Art Basel Miami Lincoln Schatz exhibited Slice, a generative video artwork, at the Dacra Foundation during Art Basel Miami 2005. Learn more about Cluster, a generative video artwork by Schatz here. Fragments of video pulse and shift on screen. Frames within frames. The artwork layers videos frenetically at moments. Suddenly the artwork will come to a rest. A pause and a breath in the behaviors. Slowly the work begins to come back to live. Pulsing more quickly through the layers of video.

At Art Basel Miami, Schatz had this generative video artwork record the fair as it progressed from start to end. Over the course of the week, visitors to the Dacra Foundation, would stream before the artwork. Pausing and finding themselves suddenly appearing on screen. At times the recognition is immediate. At others, because of video processing and manipulation, it takes time before the subject realizes their own place in the artwork. Slice fragments and reconstructs time in slivers of video.

A multitude of video frames appear onscreen at once. Some are at rest, waiting to play. Others are active, shifting and transforming through complex computer code, written by Schatz. This software employs generative processes to determine what the artworks final form is. These behaviors and processes never repeat. The videos do not loop. Instead, the custom code creates a constantly changing, endlessly new artwork.