The shift from one season to the next marks the passage of time. Seasons are at once knowable and elusive in character. Each year, the seasons present us with new variations upon an old theme. But how do we understand or experience that shift in time? What do, for example, three months even look like. Cadence takes up these questions and gives us a way of seeing a season transform before our eyes. This is a summer lake video that is a contemplation of time and place. It is a way to meditate on the world we live in but often forget to notice in our daily lives. It is a push back against the ever-present distractions of a digital world. As we move from one season to the next our expectations as to what they will bring propel us forward in a perpetual rhythm.

Cadence chronicles three months, from May through July 2019, as seen daily from the shores of Lake Michigan here in Chicago.