Winter Branches Crackle Across the Sky

Winter Branches Crackle Across the Sky

In this photograph from the In Abeyance, Winter Trees, the winter tree branches appear almost crackle across the sky, electric as they twist, bend and snap in the cold winter winds.

trees, stripped of their leaves have their winter branches crackling across the sky, which is a deep blue gray color, the trees almost black
In Abeyance – Winter Trees 9

Deeply the dead take root, and driving through, 

Breach the air with this wild shock of branch—

Now Medusa’s hair- a crackling blackness,

The whole sky a stare turned to stone—

Excerpt from Winter Tree, Jon Lang

Lincoln Schatz Studio presents, In Abeyance, Winter Trees. A limited edition photography series now available for viewing online. Learn more about this series, including edition size and pricing on the project page.

Tree rings are frequently cited as a way to mark the passage of time. Each concentric ring mirroring one revolution of the earth around the sun. But it is how the passage of time is registered in the leaves, twigs, branches, trunks and roots that are the subject of, In Abeyance, Trees of Winter. Because they too, reveal the time that these remarkable trees have lived. Branches bend, dodge, twist and turn in order to capture the most sunlight. In order to grow and survive. View the entire series here or follow along on instagram as I highlight this project and other ongoing work.