Crown Shyness: In Abeyance, Winter Trees (15) & (16)

In Abeyance, Winter Trees (15) (16) features crown shyness
In Abeyance, Winter Trees (15) (16) are two photographs from the series that feature the phenomenon of crown shyness, where the canopies of trees do not touch each other, leaving slight gaps between them to the sky above

Tree rings are often cited as an example of marking the passage of time. Each concentric ring mirroring one revolution of the earth around the sun. But it is how the passage of time is registered in the leaves, twigs, branches, trunks and roots that are the subject of, In Abeyance, Trees of Winter. Because they too, reveal the time that these remarkable trees have lived. Branches bend, dodge, twist and turn in order to capture the most sunlight. Here, crown shyness keeps the edges of each tree’s canopy slightly apart. In order to grow as much as possible. In order to survive.

Lincoln Schatz Studio is pleased to present, In Abeyance, Winter Trees. A limited edition photography series now available for viewing online. More information about this series, including edition size and pricing can be found on the project page here. Follow along to learn more about this project and others on my social media accounts.