Lake Series, July 2019

a storm rolls in over Lake Michigan, dark waves forming
Lake Michigan, July 2nd, 2019 (2)

a storm rolls in over Lake Michigan, dark waves forming These are photographs from The Lake Series, July 2019. To view the main page for the Lake Series, please click here.

Beginning in September of 2015 artist Lincoln Schatz began taking lake pictures. Schatz, at first, only intended to photograph the lake for a month. From the start choosing to photograph each day either early in the morning or later in evening. But then a month passed, and yet these daily trips to photograph along the lake’s edge did not stop.

Instead, these first lake pictures are now the foundations for the Lake Series, an ongoing serial investigation of Lake Michigan that Schatz continues to work on to this day. These lake photos explore the daily changes that occur on and around Lake Michigan since that first September day. Since then, Schatz has spent the last five years carefully studying this landscape. With his back to the city of Chicago, he stands on the lake’s shore. Focusing his camera on the lake waters that stretch before him to the sky.

Lake Series, July 2019

Lake Series 2019: By Month

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Further Information on The Lake Series

LAKE SERIES is an ongoing collection of limited edition photographs of Lake Michigan. More information on the Lake Series purchasing and framing options can be found here.

Starting a few months later Schatz began work on, Lake Series Panoramas. This is a new collection of lake photos featuring large scale panoramas of Lake Michigan taken during the first four years of the Lake Series. Lake Series Panoramas are available for viewing online here.

Cadence, a video by Lincoln Schatz, was created using lake pictures over the course of June to July of 2019 and can be seen here. And finally, follow the Lake Series project on social media via Instagram.