Stitch is about memory and the way we recall images. It is the latest incarnation of works utilizing custom software to create new possibilities and contexts from events in our actual experience. We are constantly receiving a stream of images through our sense of sight. This is what I call the “Live Visual Layer.” At times during the day our mind recalls images from the recent past “Recent Visual Layer” and images from the distant past “Distant Visual Layer.” As these distinct layers interact with each other, new meanings are synthesized.

Stitch functions as an observer of events, capturing video from its environment. Stitch has a start date at which it begins to capture video and can store up to eight years worth onto a computer. Participants’ movement in front of the camera causes recent and distant video files to be layered over a live feed. The resultant images are a collision of the past and the present. Relationships are synthesized across time, new dynamic meanings are established.