Next, a generative video installation, grapples and explores the way we attempt to assemble a narrative of our lives. Our days are anything but smooth, clearly defined sequences of events that evidence a well-planned agenda. Instead, they are events that continually and unexpectedly unfold. The day presents itself as pieces juxtaposed with other pieces that relate to other pieces. It is a puzzle we try to solve, accepting that some things do not fit and that others appear to be something we only think we recognize. The magic of our minds is the ability to create order from the chaos of life, even if we don’t understand how. Next asks these questions and offers its own approach to this conundrum.

Onscreen, sections of images are fit together like a puzzle– some bleeding through, others demonstratively opaque. Images are seen appearing and disappearing at a brisk rate. They recombine to create new hybrid compositions, which feel decidedly optimistic as the puzzle comes closer to being solved.

Next, a generative video art installation, offers us another way of seeing, another way of thinking about what we see.