a stormy day on Lake Michigan where the clouds are breaking and forming in the sky while pouring rain out over the horizon, the lake a dark green blue and roiling below the sky
stormy lake photo of Lake Michigan

A stormy lake photo of Lake Michigan from late in May, 2019 when I arrived just in time. On this morning, like many mornings in the spring time, I have a narrow window to shoot during. Storms were rolling in quickly and I had managed to bike through several wet patches to get to this spot on the lake. I have to work quickly and smartly if the rain is threatening. You don’t want to leave too much equipment out.

Shooting Photographs on a Stormy Lake Michigan

On more than one occasion I have thought, while focused on photographing, that gear was safe from water. But the lake and the skies will always surprise, and safety is key. However on this day, all of my equipment remained on my back, my concern being that storms would begin almost immediately upon setting everything up. I have a few different ways of working, depending on the weather and the time of day, but with a stormy lake like this, I find the best way to work is quickly.

Sunlight pushes through, illuminating and providing structure to the clouds that are still raining far out on the horizon in this photo, the waters of the lake pushed at my feet. I wanted to make sure I got this photo because of how special the clouds are in the sky. The strange way the clouds are opening up out over the lake. Revealing a lighter interior in contrast to the heavy dark underside on this stormy lake day. The storms would quickly come to fill in the skies that day and my chance to shoot more photos was cut short. But any time I get to spend at the lake is time well spent. And on mornings like this one, I get to see a whole new side to Lake Michigan and the landscape that it is a part of. Here is a stormy lake diptych photo from my instagram.