Lake Michigan Photo From A Late Winter Day

A Sombre Lake Michigan photo, the lake sits in deep green under a moody sky that feels ripe for a stormA somber Lake Michigan photo from the middle of March, 2021. The lake sits under a brooding sky, rich and dark in tones of gray. It had the threatening air of a storm approaching, but held off as I took this photograph. The lake often takes on this rich green tone during the beginning weeks of spring. As the temperatures begin to rise. This day had a strength and weight to it that happens this time of year, near the end of winter. The air sits heavy and the lake moves restlessly underneath.

The waves were beginning to build as I moved on from this location. Soon white caps would begin to form. With time the lake would entirely transform. Turning its waters into a roiling mass. While the ice of winter has disappeared, the waters remain incredibly cold. It will still be well over a month until people begin to wade gingerly into the waters with any regularity. From the Lake Series, March 16th, 2021.

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