Foggy Chicago Skyline

a foggy Chicago skyline from early in the morning when a large storm is sitting overhead, a concrete wall and steps sit on the right side of this photo
foggy Chicago skyline early in the morning

A foggy Chicago skyline from a day where the storms would not cease. It’s rare that I turn my camera towards the city to capture this particular view. I have noticed, over the years, my resistance to taking photos of the city. I believe this comes from the preponderance of such images. They can become flat and knowable, a sense of wonder utterly lacking.

But in this case, and on this morning, I felt different. On days like this, it’s hard not to. The city becomes something else, the idea of a place perhaps? Lost in fog and barely visible. With this foggy Chicago skyline an entirely new world opens up to you.

Foggy Chicago Skyline

It’s such a different thing to see, gone are the hard edges, the domineering and towering buildings. In their place, a gesture, a shadow and a hint. There was such a sense of wonder and mystery in this morning. The city becoming a vague apparition in the distance, a foggy Chicago allows for you to imagine that you’re in a different time and place. Biking to and from the downtown on this day, I was able to ride in this heavy fog alone, most others having chosen to avoid these weather conditions. It’s often in these inclement weather conditions that I feel most lucky to be working on these Lake Michigan photo projects. There is such a stillness in the air, such a beauty to these days. To bike through a foggy Chicago, early in the morning, to reach the lakes edge is a great pleasure I will never tire of experiencing.

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