a light blue lake with puffy white clouds overhead in a perfect blue sky, the clouds are reflected in the rippling surface of Lake Michigan
A Beautiful Fall Day

A light blue lake photo from October 15th, 2020. This lake photo is part of the Lake Series, my ongoing serial exploration of Lake Michigan that began back in 2015 and continues today.

A Summer Day Appears Later in Fall

This photo encapsulates everything that one would want if planning a day on the shores of Lake Michigan. First, there is the perfect blue skies, and secondly a lake that is calm and gentle, the waves barely moving on the surface. And third, the temperatures have returned to the warmer days of summer, providing a somewhat out of place, reminiscent of summer, blue lake photo.

A Perfect Day For A Blue Lake Photo

While this summer has been difficult in many ways, it has been filled with days like this, where nature provides us with perfect conditions for a blue lake photo. Immense beauty and the most perfect of weather conditions filled the summer calendar and also, for example, this later fall day. These days on the lake are an absolute treat and are often the salve to the cruel winds of winter.

The weather always keeps me at the edge of Lake Michigan for as long as possible on days like this. I never tire of the feeling of a summer sun streaming down on me. Feeling the sun light filtered by the clouds overhead. Even if it is impossibly hot or unpleasant, it’s for these days and the reasons I’ve mentioned that ensure I’ll always enjoying taking these blue lake photos, no matter how many times I get to experience them. Each day on the lake is special in it’s own way. The blue lake photos of summer and fall will always draw me back to this beauty and provide a contrast to the storms that will come later this winter.

Clouds form rows high in a perfectly blue sky over calm blue lake water. A day to absolutely remember when the cold of winter fully set in.