Abandoned Swing Set – America: Vernal, Utah (6)

a child's swingset sits with metal feed racks underneath in the background an asphalt plant sits, Vernal Utah landscape photo by Lincoln Schatz
An Abandoned Swingset, America: Vernal, Utah (6)

Abandoned Swing Set – America: Vernal, Utah (6)

an abandoned swing set sits in a field in the foreground of a photo where an asphalt plant sits in the background, industry and the rural
America: Vernal, Utah (6)

An abandoned swing set in a field. Tracks from farm equipment run past it on either side. In the background there is an asphalt plant, one of the industries that has risen alongside the mining operations that dot the landscape in this region. Each impacting the landscape in irrevocable ways.

This is America, Vernal, Utah (6).

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