The Atlantic

The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a limited edition, fine art photography that takes ocean and sky as its main subjects. Pondering the elements of air and water as they stretch away from southern Florida. Taken during the spring of 2022 these photographs contemplate the shifting and mercurial nature of oceanic landscapes.

The Atlantic (1)

At first these photographs might appear to be part of the Lake Series, Schatz’s seven year study of Lake Michigan. However with closer examination differences begin to appear between the two editions.

From Lincoln Schatz:

The Atlantic is flourishing as spring has fully arrived. The salt air carrying evidence of aquatic flora and fauna as it moves around me.  The constant waves existing in concert with lunar tides. The ocean feels different from Lake Michigan when you stand on its shore. Beyond the obvious, you start to notice the more subtle variations in pattern, behavior and color that differentiates these two bodies of water.

“As the waves push towards shore the clouds hang in the sky overhead. Muggy tropical conditions seem to slow everything. The clouds become sculptural as they hang overhead. Layering in the skies while ocean waters roll toward shore. never becoming entirely still. Unlike the lake, which can sometimes appear to sit in complete motionless, the ocean here always is shifting perceptibly towards shore.”

Each morning Schatz returned to the ocean to photograph this landscape with first light. Staying as the sun pushed higher in the sky. Allowing for the clouds and sun to interact. Watching the waters change again and again as the day began.


The air is saturated, clouds are pregnant with precipitation.  Storms return in the afternoons. With the ocean I can traverse the world. It is a different scale than Lake Michigan. Here I am unlimited. With the Great Lakes there is always a sense of boundaries. Always the knowledge that just over there, at the horizon of the lake sits another land mass. It can be hard to avoid seeing, even if not visible. Always feeling the edges of the lake. But here, even though it is true that across the ocean sits distant shores, it is almost impossible to imagine it sits so far away.


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Each photograph was taken by Schatz from the same location during an extended period of time. This collection forms a record of that. Further exploring with the Atlantic Ocean the ever changing environment that is uniquely intrinsic to water landscapes. 

The Atlantic is a collection of limited edition photographs now available to purchase. For more information on the collection including edition size, framing, pricing and other information, please click here. If you are interested in purchasing these works please be in touch with the studio.