Closer to the Sun

Closer to the Sun

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Summer has arrived to Lake Michigan in Closer to the Sun, a limited edition collection of photographs from Lincoln Schatz. With the change in season comes a shift in the landscapes that Schatz encounters while photographing this vast body of fresh water.


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Closer to the Sun contemplates the contours, characteristics and complexities of the lake, sky and adjacent shore. Exploring the ways in which the mercurial character of the lake reflects the season. 


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And if sun comes
How shall we greet him?
Shall we not dread him,
Shall we not fear him
After so lengthy a
Session with shade?

truth, by Gwendolyn Brooks



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As spring ends the lake comes into focus. Leaving behind the cold weather, snow, short days and long nights of winter. Moving past the early storms of spring, the blanketing fog, heavy clouds and jade green lake waters that typify spring as the region shifts to warmer and longer days.


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The distance between sun and earth shortens with the summer months and the shift in the sun’s azimuth coincides with the change in season and how we see this landscape.


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With the decrease of the distance between sun and earth in summer, the rich colors we come to expect from the lake begin to appear. Vibrant and shimmering color. Perfect blues that seem to glow from within on cloudless days.


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Land, water and air interacting together create these ever-changing landscapes. The interaction of these elements are central to the series. This new collection of limited edition photographs include all three as subjects. Exploring each element individually and in interplay with one another.


The myriad of personalities I have captured of the lake over the past seven years show the nuances and complexities that are created between just these three conditions. Allowing for my daily interactions with the lake to continue to astonish and surprise me.

Even after all this time.

Lincoln Schatz


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Lincoln Schatz has been photographing Lake Michigan for the last seven years. Studying through this serial engagement how landscapes change with the passage of time.

Closer to the Sun is a collection of limited edition photographs now available to purchase. For more information on the collection, including edition size, framing, and pricing please click here. If you are interested in purchasing these works, please be in touch.