An Ode to Richard Serra, September 18th, 2020: Lake Video

An Ode to Richard Serra on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan continues to tumble and crash on the walls that keep the water at bay along the city’s edge. Wind has been really strong the last two days here in Chicago and that is reflected in how the lake is behaving this morning. While the lake does have tides, they are imperceptible, the waves here coming from the strong winds across it’s surface, the water spilling out over the concrete barriers. You can view all of my lake videos, which I capture on occasion while photographing the lake here, on my vimeo page.

“To roll, to crease, to fold, to lift, to fall, to shove, to drop, to mix, to splash, to flow, to spill, to flood, to swirl, to spread, to split, to undulate, to crash, to recede, to slip, to regain, to push, to continue.” – Richard Serra