Morning Sunrise on the Lake

the sun rises out of frame and the sky is filled with a purple to orange ombre while the lake's waves move and blur in deep purples reflecting the sky
Early Morning Sunrise on the Lake

An early morning sunrise on the lake and I’m greeted by this brilliant and beautiful palette of colors. The waves were moving quickly, their forms blurring in the long shutter speed required for such an early hour. I often come to the lake before the sun rises. However on some days I find it difficult to make it there so early. But the reward that comes from the early arrival is the chance to photograph a rapidly changing scene. If I can spend several hours by the lake’s edge, I will have a wealth of material to choose from. From near darkness, to brilliant blue skies, with every color in-between. Just like on this morning.

A Morning Sunrise on the Lake Unlike Any Other

Each morning sunrise on Lake Michigan is unique, often there can be similarities to other days, recent or far in the past. But each remains one of a kind, different from the last and the next. As we move from season to season there are often broad qualitative changes. Even the coldest winter morning can produce a beautiful blue day that you’d mistake for the height of summer.

These early morning sunrise photos, filled with their warmth and rich colors, are some of the most striking in the Lake Series project, that you can see more of here. They stand out with their brilliant jewel tones, their decadent range of candy colors and provide a balance to the many gray and wintry days that will come soon enough. From these early morning sunrises on the lake, I am given the great pleasure of being able to choose from many options, the most striking of the day. View more mornings from the Lake Series on my instagram account, here.