Lincoln Schatz Lake Photos Grid

Over the years we have come to display the Lake Series project as a large open grid in studio. This allows us to scan the entire series in order to select work with clients.

This large grid with small photos is ideal when we’re starting to work with a new client who is unsure of what they would like to select, but are interested in seeing what we have available. It allows us to create a framework for understanding what the client is interested in, which then allows us to pull larger sample prints and begin the selection process with a more refined and smaller pool of possible photographs.

These layouts have taken any number of forms since the Lake Series began, and I wanted to share a few of them over the next few weeks, starting with this photo by Gemma Parker Design, from their visit to the studio last year. Alongside it is a more recent behind the scenes shot of organizing a selection of photographs for a visitor to the studio.