the sun is rising out of frame and lighting a deep green lake michigan while gray clouds are lit with a warm light that turns to yellows at the horizon separating the lake from the sky
Lake Michigan Daylight Breaks

Daylight continued to break on this lake morning and the horizon began to come alive with detail. The sky’s colors are reflecting gently in the lake water. Pools of yellow appearing in the rich blues and greens of the lake’s surface. The sun by this time of year is much lower in the sky. It’s intensity, peaking in the summer months, has begun to wane.

The Delicacy of this Lake Morning

This early in the morning, there is a gentleness in the shifting colors of the clouds. The sun continues to rise just outside of the picture frame. The muted colors from earlier are being replaced with more brilliant tones on this lake morning.

In time the sun will fully rise in the sky and the subtlety found at this stage in the morning, will burn away. I haven’t had as many opportunities to get to the lake early. However, any chance that I have to be at the lake before the sun rises, I will take, especially these days where I can capture the lake morning. There is a delicacy that is emerging in this second photo from this morning on the lake from October 27th, 2020 and is part of my ongoing Lake Series project.

What Emerges from Serial Explorations of Lake Michigan

My time spent on the shores of Lake Michigan, five years at this point, that allows me to know immediately when a morning will be fruitful. Not all of the lake photos are stand outs. That is a part of the serial process. There has never been a rejected day of photographing the lake. I have always recorded a photo from each time I visit the lake, edited and archived at my studio. These days help to support and inform the rest, providing an understanding of the lake that is special, informed and deeply felt. Another photograph from this lake morning can be found here, on my instagram.