Lake Effect, Sheridan Road Magazine

Lake Effect, Sheridan Road Magazine

Getting to sit down and really dive into the ideas, work and motivating reasons that continue to drive me today as an artist is always an invigorating and illuminating process that I thoroughly enjoyed during the interview for Lake Effect, in the most recent edition of Sheridan Road Magazine.

the front cover of Sheridan Road Magazine's February Issue and the first page of an article, "Lake Effect" featuring photographs of Lake Michigan and the Lake Series by Lincoln Schatz.

We discuss having a daily artist practice, the perhaps less obvious relationships between my interactive video installations and landscape photography, as well as what’s next on the horizon for the studio as new materials, processes and projects are engaged.

a screenshot of a page from the article, Lake Effect, featuring an interview and photographs by Lincoln Schatz

A big thank you to Laura for the wonderful conversation, James Gustin for his photography work and to Sheridan Road Magazine for the opportunity to share my story.

See all of my limited edition photographs here here or follow along as I explore this and other projects on my instagram account.