Framed Lake Photo

a framed lake photo in a light maple wash frame
Framed Lake Photo

This is a framed lake photo, depicting a dramatic and stormy morning on September 30th, 2020. I created this photograph as a part of the Lake Series. This frame, a hand finished, white wash Maple frame, was made at Seaberg Picture Framing located here in Chicago, Illinois.

Starting with The Network to Framed Lake Photos

I first began working with Seaberg’s printing company, Lamin8, while producing The Network project. I came to them with the difficult task of printing nearly one hundred photographs at scale, all to be hung in a strict, two wall, grid at ConnerSmith Gallery. At first glance this seemed to be a difficult task. In time I realized how mammoth it would be. At every step along the way, Lamin8 was there to assist in getting everything right. When it was time to begin printing the Lake Series, I knew to turn them again when finding the best options for my framed lake photos.

The Final Steps, Finding the Right Frame

I work directly with clients and designers to help them specify exactly the right framing option for their project. From large, acrylic face-mount multi-panel Lake Panoramas, to hand built and custom designed framing solutions. I always ensure that we’re using the best quality materials and methods when finding solutions to client needs like the framed lake photo shown here. It’s one of the exciting parts of the process. In short, I really enjoy every stage in the process; curation, layout, framing, each step is a unique and interesting challenge to me. I have come to really appreciate and admire the craftsmanship and work that comes with beautiful, hand made frames. As a result of this attention to detail, I know that my work will look the best it possibly can by the time the printing and framing process is complete.