Fern Walls, Lost Coast

two phots of fern walls in the Lost Coast forest, the entire frame is filled in both photos with lush and green ferns growing atop of one another vertically
Lost Coast Fern Wall Pair
another view of the verdant and lush ferns grows deep in the Lost Coast forest, filling the entire frame with fern fronds, from a different section of this massive outcropping
Lost Coast Fern Walls 1
verdant and lush ferns grows deep in the Lost Coast forest, filling the entire frame with fern fronds
Lost Coast Fern Walls 2

Incredibly lush & green fern walls from the Lost Coast of Northern California. I first came across these beautiful walls in the middle of a sudden storm. The dense canopy of trees overhead protecting me from the rain. As I spent time here exploring the incredible textures, an entire new world was revealed in the details.

These Fern Walls are a Reminder to Slow Down

The time I get to spend in the forest is always special. Even when the weather conditions aren’t in my favor. Because it’s in these periods of down time, when the detailed landscapes, the tucked away corners, that beauty exists in, are often revealed. However, in order to find this particular kind of beauty, you have to slow down. I find that there is often a rush at the beginning of a these trips into nature to photograph everything. But that impulse will betray you. In the rush to shoot everything, little is revealed.

It seems counter-intuitive but all those photos often result in nothing of note. And in that way, we learn that it is essential to slow down. To take our time. To look at the landscape in front of me many times. Not just once. A quick scan won’t reveal much. It’s only on closer inspection that we discover something special.

I photographed these walls while working my way towards the cliffs and beaches just west of these Redwood forests. These fern walls are so beautiful and shocking in person when you first come upon, it seems impossible that there could be so much life packed onto such an unforgiving surface.

These photos of the fern walls are from the Lost Coast series of limited edition photographs that you can see in full here.