Diversey Harbor Boat Docks

an aerial photo from a drone taken of the Diversey Harbor boat docks on Lake Michigan at the end of season, 4 boat docks cut through the photo from right to left
Diversey Harbor Boat Docks on Lake Michigan

Another way of seeing the lake by Diversey Harbor. This aerial photo captures the Diversey Harbor boat docks on Lake Michigan emptied for the season. For the last several years I have flown a drone with an attached camera. This camera can capture both video and still photos while I fly it over the landscape.

Cameras in Flight, Drone Photos

I began thinking about the possibilities of aerial photography early on in the Lake Series. Knowing that with a drone I would be able to see the lake in a whole new way. However, it quickly became apparent that this would be a complicated undertaking. You need a delicate touch and the ability to multi-task when you’re working to fly and capture photographs. But I knew because it has an impressive range of manual controls available I would need to become adept if I were going to take photos like this one over Diversey Harbor.

Following months of set-up, adjustment, testing and practice I began taking the drone to the lake. Filming with the drone quickly became all consuming. I was able to see Lake Michigan in ways that I couldn’t imagine possible. These flights on the lake have changed my view of this landscape forever. From flying on some of the coldest days of winter. To seeing on this day at Diversey Harbor where the lake waters have a that color seems impossible. Before my eyes the lake has transformed again. Something I didn’t think possible after so many years working on the Lake Series.

The Docks of Diversey Harbor

The hard geometry of the docks at Diversey Harbor cut into the brilliant blue lake waters on this day later in the fall season as winter is just about to set in. Finding new ways of seeing the lake since the beginning of the Lake Series has been a challenge I’ve always enjoyed. See Lake Ice, shot by drone and a study of the surface of Lake Michigan deep in winter here, on my instagram.