Climate Crisis Challenges Facing Chicago

A Battle Between a Great City and a Great Lake is an insightful and interactive article about the climate crisis challenges facing Chicago by Dan Egan, author of  The Death and Life of the Great Lakes in the New York Times today. The climate crisis is something that is evidenced everywhere along the lakefront that connects the city of Chicago to Lake Michigan. In many places along the lake today, you will find temporary solutions, massive sand bags, concrete patches, rocks and breakwaters all try to keep the lake at bay. But Lake Michigan keeps getting higher. And as the waters rise, the separation between lake and city narrows.

This deep dive article by Dan Egan about the climate crisis that is uniquely impacting the city of Chicago is incredibly informative and fascinating. Seeing the data and also the history for how we are where we are today, is illuminating. While we have seen a rapid acceleration in climate change over the last decade, the impact of humans on this great body of water, began long before the last century.

a screenshot of the article page on the NYTimes about climate crisis and Chicago in relationship to Lake Michigan
Climate Crisis & Lake Michigan

I have photographed the changing conditions and storms on Lake Michigan over the past 6 years, first hand experiencing these massive changes. The man made boundaries that separate Chicago from the lake are being overwhelmed on a regular basis.