Chicago Renaissance, by Liesel Olson

Chicago Renaissance - Liesel Olson

the book cover for, Chicago Renaissance, by Liesel Olson, featuring a layered photograph of the Chicago skyline from the South Loop Revisiting this incredible book written by Liesel Olson entitled, “Chicago Renaissance: Literature and Art in the Midwest Metropolis” and published by Yale University Press. I was thrilled when Liesel asked if I would be interested in creating the artwork for this book. The result here is “Hybrid Chicago” a multi-layered and generative photographic collage that creates a fictional Chicago skyline as viewed from the South Loop.

Chicago Renaissance by Liesel Olson, alternative book covers featuring overlaid photographs of the Chicago skyline from the South Loop area I’ve included several detail shots, the full artwork and alternative cover ideas we worked on towards the final version that you see here. I really enjoyed the process in this project. And getting to see it as a finished object is always exciting!

“This is modernism in all its technicolor glory, Chicago style: the literary ladies and the porkpackers, the Bronzeville poets and the scribbling ad-men. Dazzlingly learned, revelatory and a cracking great read.” – Deborah Cohen, Northwestern University