A Caribbean beach at night with a dark black sky, stars sparking and waters that are blurred and semi-transparent
Caribbean Beach Night XXVI

Exchanging my early mornings on Lake Michigan several years ago, with a late night on a Jamaican beach in this photo, Caribbean Beach at Night XXVI. I spent over a week on this beach and the surrounding area. Making as much time to work at night as during the day to shoot photos. There was something so striking about being on this Caribbean beach at night.

The way the waves moved in and out of focus, watching the lights from distant buildings hit the water’s surface before fading away. I always find that there’s a stillness that comes when photographing the lake. But in a new environment and landscape, my mind remains much more active.

The Waters Blur on this Caribbean Beach at Night

The waters disappearing into a blur, out past the rocks. This is the result of a long shutter speed. The shutter must remain open for so long in order to be able to capture anything in the darkness. The faraway lights help to gently illuminate the water on this Caribbean beach at night. The waves become smooth and ethereal as they fade into the night. If you look closely you can see that some things remain in crisp focus. Like the rocks, a good distance out from where I am standing. Revealed by the tides going in and out. Their edges, on closer examination in sharp contrast to the surrounding pools of water on this Caribbean beach at night. Closer to where I am standing, you can see how incredibly transparent the waters are here. Unlike where I photograph on Lake Michigan, where the depths begin at ten or more feet. Here we can see the sands of the beach, covered over for now by the rising tides. See another photograph from the series here, on my Pinterest page.

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