Blue Lake Water, The Shore

deep blue lake waters nearly fill the frame, with just a slight bit of light blue sky appearing on the horizon near the top, taken from the shore of Lake Michigan
The Shore, Blue Lake Water

This photo of blue lake water is part of The Shore series. The Shore, is an ongoing limited edition series of prints, that I began working on at the same time as the Lake Series back in 2015. This particular series of photos focuses on the relationships between land and water, human and nature. Chicago is always at odds with the lake that sits alongside it’s eastern edge.

Changes to the Lake

In more recent years we’ve seen the lake rise over and over each summer. The blue lake water, spilling out and over the edges of the barriers and barricades the city erects. Treating the man-made attempts to keep the lake at bay as if they were a mere child’s toy. Lake Michigan can easily toss concrete, asphalt and boulders onto the bike path and the beaches with an astonishing ease.

Blue Lake Water

This is a slightly different view of the lake than what you would normally see in the Lake Series. The camera having tilted down to focus on the lake surface. This particular lake water photograph is from earlier this fall when the days were still long and the sun was providing a beautiful light on the lake throughout the morning.

The way the water was moving on this day captivated me, a ceaseless and never repeating cycle of movement. Wind pushing the lake into motion over and over. The richness in the blues lake water highlight an incredibly detailed topography that you can get lost in. There is a textural quality that comes to the water on these days and I always take the time to watch it move. There is such an immense pleasure in being able to spend time on the lake’s shore, taking in the great beauty on these final warm fall days.