a foggy lake picture with barely any of the lake visible, slightly rippling reveals the waters in this entirely blue and purple morning
a foggy lake picture from the Lake Series

An early morning excursion to the lake and as you can see in this foggy lake picture, it was quite special. These mornings are always so wonderful to me. Such an air of drama and mystery. They always inspire me to stay as long as possible. Because while it might seem counter-intuitive, these mornings filled with fog, will possess an incredible range of characteristics.

Blues and purples shifted in and out of focus as the fog began to burn away and the sun rose in the sky this late December day. This day had such an incredible range of qualities, I stayed for hours watching it transform and photographing for the Lake Series. These foggy lake pictures provide a counter balance to those really dramatic days that also are some of my favorite to capture.

These mornings have such a soft touch to them, the way the lake will appear from the mist. Here we can see the rippling waters barely moving toward shore. There is clearly little to no wind, otherwise this fog wouldn’t have been able to form so thickly. And as the water and the fog shift and push back and forth along the shore, I am able to take my time to really study the subtle details that emerge in a photo like this foggy lake picture.

Foggy Lake Pictures: Studies in Subtlety

With a morning like this it’s important to let the lake show you how to photograph. When I first started taking Lake Series photos I would try and force the foggy mornings. Otherwise I always feel like I can see my hand in the final photo in an obtrusive way. But with time I realized how important it is to step back and let the conditions really guide you on these days. Here is another morning from my social media feed, that has a similar delicacy to it.