Forest Walk

Forest Walk Aspen, is a series of generative photographs that reimagine the forests that cover the mountains outside of Aspen, Colorado. As you pass into the forest, your eyes begin to adjust to the low light, filtered by the heavy canopy above. Away from cities, phone screens, apps and streets, the eyes begin to reset. Allowing the surprising density of the surrounding forest to overlay and overlap in one’s mind and memory. How do we remember a place? An experience of time and geography.

Forest Walk I
Forest Walk II
Forest Walk III
Forest Walk IV
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The images that comprise this series use multiple perspectives and layers to create one final photograph. Of a fictional forest, created entirely with computer programming designed by Schatz, that in it’s essence, begins to tap into how Schatz experienced the forest in real-time as he captured these images. As well as how this landscape will rebuild itself in our memories.

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