Portrait of a Distribution Network

Portrait of a Distribution Network, 2010

Portrait of a Distribution Network, 2010

Portrait of a Distribution Network is a system-wide, generative video that explores three divisions of Reyes Holdings. Portrait of a Distribution Network was commissioned by Reyes Holdings for their new corporate headquarters designed by the architectural firm: Gensler, Chicago. The final installation features eight large HD monitors.

Mapping A Distribution Network

The artwork runs via a computer that takes a catalog of video files captured by Lincoln Schatz Studio onsite. Finally, custom designed software runs the installation to produce the generative video portrait itself.

Lincoln Schatz’s generative video, Portrait of a Distribution Network, is a visualization of the complex interactions within an organization. Captured footage documents the multiple perspectives behind day-to-day operations. Schatz’s custom software releases these processes from a linear narrative structure.

An Ever Changing Video Portrait

Lincoln Schatz first filmed in production facilities, warehouses, and client locations c six markets across the United States. Since then, Schatz and his team have filmed over twenty locations for this project. Portrait of a Distribution Network is the result of this work. Each filming location was unique in it’s design, structure and operations structure. Additionally, Schatz filmed client and supplier sites to create a broader and more informed portrait of how these systems operate.

This artwork continues to grow in scale since first being unveiled. A practice that began as the Reyes businesses changed. And as a result, Schatz has designed the artwork to reflect these updates. New footage has added to the database several times since it was first installed. Since then, each addition or adjustment to the artwork is a direct reflection of the actual distribution network of Reyes Holdings.