Lake Picture, A Serene Morning

A hazy green and yellow morning with strangely soft clouds in a delicate sky in this lake picture
Lake Series, August 28th, 2020

Lake Picture, Serene Morning

Lake Series, August 28th, 2020 (detail 1)

A serene morning lake picture from the Lake Series. August 28th, 2020 (1). It has a very restrained color palette. These subtle colors highlight the delicacy in tonality that can come to the Lake Series. In large part this is possible because the sun remains obscured or low in the sky. This is due to either time of day or year. There are two additional detail photographs from this morning. These allow us to really peer into the cloud cover that was present when I was taking this lake picture.

Clouds on the Lake

Light, fragile and shifting slowly due to a lack of breeze, these clouds were able to form and sit in the sky while I took this lake picture as the sun slowly rose more fully later that morning. The lake water becomes a mirror on these days, when a lack of wind allows the waters to be calm, only slight rippling occurring on the surface. These mornings are when you feel your body calm while standing on the lake’s edge. They feel almost impossible and surreal, like an illustrated version of what the lake can look like.

Lake Series, August 28th, 2020 (detail 2)

Being alone on the shores of Lake Michigan on these mornings feels incredibly special, now more then ever. It is a time to slow and to stop myself, to take the time necessary to breathe and to really pay attention. We often rush through our days, from one task to another, but the lake shows me how important it is to slow myself down when I take new lake pictures. To see what is before me and to pay attention closely to the details, in the water, in the clouds and in the sky. Earlier this year I explored just how unique and special the colors of Lake Michigan are. Something that you can learn more about here.