Lake Ice, Lincoln Schatz Video Art

With Lake Ice, we are able to turn our understanding of what a lake is on it’s head. We are given a way of experiencing a landscape that is utterly foreign to us. Alien and deceptive in it’s subject matter. It is both confounding in terms of scale and material. Lake Ice shows us the unrelenting nature of winter in the midwestern United States, as well as the great beauty. Sheets of ice form, freeze and thaw, a cycle that repeats over the course of winter. Every piece of ice is constantly in flux until they disappear fully into the lake. Each day the ice changes in it’s shape, size, texture, crystal structure, thickness and opacity.

While these ice floes have periods of monumental greatness in terms of scale and weight they are as equally fleeting and fragile in nature. Lake Ice shows that what can appear permanent and unmovable can disappear overnight without a trace.