Dreaming Trees, In Abeyance – Winter Trees 5

the silhouettes of branches and trunks trace across the sky in black relief in a photo from Lincoln Schatz, the dreaming trees of winter, waiting for spring
Dreaming Trees

O Dreaming trees, sunk in a swoon of sleep

What have ye seen in these mysterious places?

Paul Nash, poem written for Mercia Oakley, c.1909
In Abeyance, Winter Trees (5)

Lincoln Schatz Studio is pleased to present, In Abeyance, Winter Trees. A limited edition photography series now available for viewing online. More information about this series, including edition size and pricing can be found on the project page linked directly in my bio.

Tree rings are often cited as one way to mark the passage of time. Each concentric ring mirroring one revolution of the earth around the sun. But it is how the passage of time is registered in the leaves, twigs, branches, trunks and roots that are the subject of, In Abeyance, Trees of Winter. Because they too, reveal the time that these remarkable trees have lived. Branches bend, dodge, twist and turn in order to capture the most sunlight. In order to grow and survive. In winter, the trees remain silently standing, dreaming.

View the entire series here or follow along for daily updates from the studio here, on my instagram.