a Colorful Lake Sunrise where purple, peach, pastels and oranges all fill the sky where light cloud cover builds in the right side of the two photos, the lake ripples gently beneath
Colorful Lake Sunrise

A brilliant jewel-toned, rich and colorful lake sunrise diptych featuring an early morning sunrise on Lake Michigan from September 8th, 2020. This photograph is part of the Lake Series Panoramas collection. An ongoing series of limited edition panoramic photographs of Lake Michigan.

I came to the lake wanting to catch first light as the sun began to work its way higher in to the sky. I realized quickly how beautiful the wider landscape was this morning. The way the clouds and sky were in contrast to one another stretched out over a larger space than what would fit in a single medium format photo. And so I chose to shoot for diptychs. Capturing pairs of photographs in the hopes of conveying, at least in part, what it felt like to stand on the lake shore that morning early in fall of this past year. View more photos in the Lake Panoramas collection here and follow my social media for daily posts about this and other projects.